The very first Healthy Baby Contest in Hawai‘i took place in 1953 and was produced by the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees to promote healthy families in Hawai‘i.

Meadow Gold Dairies Hawai‘i has been the title sponsor of the O‘ahu Healthy Baby Contest for decades, and through a few incarnations. Back in 1953 the company was known as the Dairymen’s Association, Ltd. In 1959 the company’s name changed to Meadow Gold Dairies Hawai‘i, and the name for the O‘ahu Healthy Baby Contest followed suit. Later in 1986 the event was sponsored by Borden, Inc., which was the parent company of Meadow Gold Dairies Hawai‘i at the time.

The Dairymen’s Association’s sponsorship of the original Healthy Baby Contest aligned with its community initiatives at the time ― to raise awareness amongst Hawai‘i families of the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles. The organization had already been taking a proactive approach in communicating and reaching out to Hawai‘i families and keiki when it introduced Lani Moo, its Ambassador of Good Health and Nutrition, in 1949.

Meadow Gold Dairies Hawai‘i continued to uphold the vision and beliefs of its founders through the expansion of the Healthy Baby Contest program to the Neighbor Island communities it serves. The Big Island Healthy Baby Contest is now in its 26th year, Kaua‘i 18 years, and Maui 15 years.

2014 Healthy Baby Contest schedule information coming soon

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